Today I put a treadmill in my studio. Our friend Wanda (who lives upstairs) had one folded up and collecting dust (sorry Wanda :-) and I asked if I could bring it downstairs to use.....she was happy to get it out of her way.
I'm starting on a mission to loose 30 lbs in two months. I know that's a bit ambitious but I'm determined, and I know I can do it, there are things I want to do and a way I want to feel.

Tomorrow I'm going to be painting a door frame and a little cupboard door that's built in the wall right next to it. This is for the friend who wants a Moroccan feel in her bedroom. Right now the woodwork is a glossy white, tomorrow it will get a basecoat of a dark brown faux wood grain, then covered with a layer of a green color that's already in the room. I'll do a trim around the edges of a Moroccan design and then heavily distress everything..........trying to get that old world look. I'll try to remember to take before and after pictures.

I made a new mini website that specifically targets hospitals. I'm still working on it, I change it several times a day. I just loved working on the murals that I did for The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania so much that I'd love to find other hospitals to work in. It was just so rewarding.I almost always ask a new artist that I meet if they have a website and way too many times the answer is no, not yet. Can I just say here, that there is really no excuse for not having one. Its just way to easy to put one together don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to someone to do it for you. Just go to a site like (there are others) where you can register a domain name for like $12. Then go to a site like (who I use) and build yourself a website for free, its so easy. After you build your site it'll have its own address, but weebly will be tacked onto it before the .com, so go back to godaddy (or whoever you used for your domain name) and forward it to your new website (so you won't have the weebly in your address).
Need help or advice, just email me. I hate seeing artists go without a website to show off their work.

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