Well.....finally after a really depressing week.....losing the studio, not receiving payment for a job done, bruised the side of my arm when a metal rail fell on me, rammed a philip's head screwdriver into my finger, and I still haven't been able to pay my apartment rent.........I've got two mural jobs to look at this week, and two paintings to do....I won't relax until the rents paid, but I'm so grateful work is coming.
Here's how the exterior mural is advancing.....
I spent all day yesterday and part of today helping another upstairs neighbor. Mr Principal is from Haiti and has a non-profit organization compose of churches (Haitian Churches Coalition Against Hunger and Illness Inc.) that help get food, clothing, linens, etc etc, together to send to Haiti. They have a hard time doing this, getting volunteers to help, or getting financial support, so I'm setting up a blog for him where he can promote the organization and receive donations.

I neglected to post the last dog portrait contest winner which would trigger the next portrait give away, so here it is....
Before photo
And the finished portrait. She wanted a plain background........
So, feel free to leave a comment on this post to enter for the next give away. I'll randomly pick a winner next Monday (March the 7th) morning.

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