Went into the studio today and measured the chest I was going to work on for my friend....its too loooong, dang!
This may mean a trip to my sort of favorite thrift shop. I start working on some other projects and then our friend from upstairs, Wanda, stopped by. I ended up going upstairs to try and help her sort out her computer issues, not easy for me being a mac girl. Two and a half hours later I decided to call it a day. I resolved some issues but have one remaining.
I was on my way home, it had just poured rain and I saw these big buzzards sitting up in a tree drying their really rained hard.
Guess it was more impressive live, the picture's not so special.
Did I tell you all I got my first Etsy sale the other day :-) A child's silver plated tea service....whew....who!

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