Yesterday my studio landlord called to let me know they have probably found a new tenant, so March 31st is my closing date. I'm only staying until then so that I can finish up the mural I promised them as payment for allowing me to use the space this past year....and it will be nice to leave my mark on the side of the building. Yesterday the new tenants next door began painting out the artwork I had done on the side of their (then Jackie and Crickets) building. It will go from this
to this..........
a terra cotta color. Their have it reflect what they do.......hmmmm.
Anyway, not sure what the future holds for me. I made a couple more sales on Etsy, which has inspired me to want to focus some more of my energy on that. And this morning I meet with a painting contractor couple who need a ceiling mural restored after some renovation work was done in a bathroom. When they gave me a Palm Beach address it reminded me that I no longer have insurance, we'll see how this goes, perhaps theirs will cover me.

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