Change of plans

I'm really glad that the job up in Philly was offered to me with the intent to help me rather than their 'need' for me because I decided I had to turn it down. It just wasn't making financial sense to travel the distance for this job and I couldn't shake the uneasy feeling, so I let it go. I will stay put and focus my energy on building work here.

I did a bit of work on the mural yesterday, adding some more trees and some children to the school scene.....more kids will be added.
Its been hard for me to focus on the mural with the shop closing and with trying to negotiate the details on a long distance job that I had originally agreed to do, but was quickly realizing was not a smart business move.
Tuesday is my last day with the shop doors open and Wednesday I will be moving whats left to my apartment. I'll try to sell the few remaining pieces on Craigslist.

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