Crawling right along.......

Even though the trip is canceled I went ahead and checked in at Ford for my scheduled tuneup. Its been a couple of years, it was overdue. Sigh.............I also asked them to diagnose the squeaking sound that my trucks been making for the past couple of months, suffice it to say........I'm glad I canceled my trip, I probably wouldn't have made it up. My boots, bearings, rods, etc are all wearing out and need to be replaced asap.......too bad I don't have the $1200 they said it would take to do the work. Bright side?.......glad I'm not on the road!
Did a bit more on the mural today and will spend all day on it tomorrow.
The plan now is to just get this top section finished so the owners can store it away somewhere. I'll take the bottom part back to my apartment and work on it there, its not as big as this bit. I'm going to make this real easy for myself and just paint in sky and tops of trees in the two bottom pieces you see here, that way I won't have to stress about matching things up. One section I think will be the Lake Worth Casino with the bridge over the intracoastal that leads to it.....its on the ocean. The other may be the Lake Worth Auditorium which is now our City Hall. There's really much more to the history of Lake Worth and I'm thinking now that I probably should have done more of a collage of images rather than limiting myself to specific sections........well, I hope folks like it anyway :-)

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