I started bringing things home from the studio yesterday, tools I know I won't be using there. When I got home I found I had an email from one of the owners of the property. He was telling me that the new tenant may want to use the Lake Worth themed mural I'm creating for him for the outside of the building to incorporate some of her own thoughts and ideas........sorry? excuse me? say what?? That idea didn't go over very well with me. The mural was my way of thanking the owners for letting me use the space (rent free).....and it was an opportunity for me to create what I hoped would be a meaningful piece of art about and for the city. Since I'm not that far into the work yet I offered to abort the project so that she could use the panels to express her own thoughts and ideas.
I already graciously supported the new tenants next door when they wanted to(and did) paint out the mural work I had done for the girls just a few months ago, but please don't ask me to do this again. It already smarts that even rent free I couldn't make the shop work and to ask me to use my talents to help promote the next I stand boldly stating (and with only a thimble full of shame), I'm not that big a person.....its a bit like rubbing salt in the wound.
On a brighter note this cabinet finally found its new home........
A dad stopped in the shop yesterday and claimed this for his daughter. And since next week she will be celebrating her sixth birthday I gifted them the china tea set I had just put aside to bring home.
See, I'm not a bad person really. On his way out the door the dad told me his mother, who makes pillows for shops, had recently lost the artist she would use for some of her projects and would I be interested.......of course I'll be happy to talk with her :-)

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