I started working on a mural job yesterday and I was so disappointed with how it started that I didn't want to post the days progress picture, but now that I've fixed it on day two I can show you what happened.
Its really true that if you don't keep your skills up you're going to stumble, and I did.
The color was all wrong......the blocks were too small making it look too busy and institutional.....
This is the area getting painted. It will have wine barrels stacked on the side walls and a vineyard view with table and wine bottle/glasses.
This is the sketch I did for the 'view' wall.......
Here's what happened on day one..............(how embarrassing)

And here's the end of day two..............still not finished, but waaaay better.
That's a 'wood' beam on the top that will help tie the ceiling in....the client wants the ceiling to look like wood. I'll finish this wall up tomorrow morning and start on the side walls with the wine barrels.

I heard from the newest pet portrait winner, Monica, and got the picture of the pet she wants painted. This is going to be fun!

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