So I haven't seen any unusual activity around the condo building so I guess I didn't win this years HGTV dream house, darn! I was going to turn it into the most fabulous bed & breakfast!

Back to the studio today to work on the mural and open the doors to try to sell off the rest of the furniture.
I've been offered an opportunity to go back up to Philly for a couple of weeks to paint a few high end childrens beds, and if our schedules don't conflict I will go. I've done work for this company before, sweetdreambed . It would be right at the end of this month, and I still need to close up things here first. It'd be great to go back again, see old friends, scope out the job scene maybe. And I'd love to take some day trips out to the country to scour some flea markets and thrift shops :-).

I saw this link on the Better After blog last night and thought I'd try it out. Its a new listing site Krrb that aims to make things more community craigslist, but with a more fuzzy feeling I guess. This one is not totally free, but you do earn 'credits' just by credit equals one posting or re-listing. The site wasn't that easy to follow as far as trying to figure out how it works, but its new. One personal opinion so far....the creator should change his avatar, its a bit scary looking, he looks crazed...maybe from all that's involved in starting up a new site lol. Anyway, I'll be the first in my area to give it a try, so I don't expect much action from it right away, but ya gotta start somewhere right?

Off I go. Have a great weekend everybody.

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