Well shoot!! After I posted this I realized I forgot to pick the next pet portrait winner! Dang!
Ok, I include everyone who posted a comment (except me of course:-) so with a one out of four chance (can't beat those odds).........and.........using, the winner is..............#1, Monica. Email me your info and pics Monica and congrats.

Well, I haven't touched the exterior mural since I posted last and it will be on hold for another week which really puts some pressure on if I want/need it done by the end of the month.
I've been working on a canvas painting for someone, just a simple graphic sort of beach scene. She'll be using it to just brighten up a space and cover up a board that's covering something else. I'll post it later, my camera battery was dead.
I also had to repaint a chest for someone.....the white desk/chest with the black design on the front that everyone who sees it loves, but its been in the shop forever. It's now a deep red, and I painted around the design to preserve it. I needed to stain the design though to tone it down against the deep red. The red is to go with the Moroccan theme she's creating in her bedroom.
I start a five day mural project tomorrow.....I am SO excited. Its been a long time since I've painted a beautiful mural in a beautiful home....I can't wait.
Its a tiny space, but will have a lot of detail. This is the area that will be painted.......
And this is part of what I'll be doing......
The client is turning this space into a wine cellar (for lack of a better title). He'll be hanging racks on the side walls similar to this, but only about 4 or 5 feet wide......
He wants stacked wine barrels painted on the side walls and a rustic looking wood ceiling. My first instinct was to do a rustic rock wall on the sides because the wine will be hiding most of the work but the client seems set on the barrels. The back wall he wants a window looking out on a vineyard scene, and that wall to look like marbled stone, then a simple table with a wine bottle and glasses on it.
I'm making that wall look like a small recessed area because I didn't want to deal with the baseboard (and I love doing trompe l'oeil work :-).
The shop is slowly but surely emptying out, everything is now 50% off (ouch). And because of the sales and the mural job I feel like I can least for another month or two :-)
Once I finish this mural I can get back to, and focus on, finishing the exterior mural.

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