Before anyone goes running off to buy a net10 phone plan, just know that if you want to keep your old phone number for your new phone, things could get a little frustrating.......I've been without a phone all week. What they don't tell you is that when you do port your old number that you will need to get a new sim card. Not knowing that, I waited days for the activation to happen and finally (since I have no other phone) reported online that I could neither make nor receive calls. I got a response the next day saying that I needed a new sim card, it came the following day. The new sim card registered on my screen as 'unregistered sim' and when I tried to go to my online account to reactivate the phone, my account said the account was active so it wouldn't let me reactivate.......sigh. I just got back from radio shack where I bought it and after 45 minutes on the phone with them it's finally working.
If nothing else goes awry I still think the unlimited plan for $50 is the best bargain out there.

Progress goes slow on the lower half of the exterior mural. I found it extremely hard to focus on the work having let my frustration over the phone take over me.
The top part of the building that you see here will be added to the top part of the mural that's already hung. I confess I'm taking liberty with the landscape surrounding this building...the distance between the building and the beach should be much greater as should be the distance to the waters edge. That structure on the beach was actually the entrance to an underground tunnel.
Another distraction, my son and his family were in town :-) so I spent some time with them.
We took a short trip over to the beach and as you can see here, I do believe my oldest grandson Ian (age 5) has a bit of a creative side himself. His sand castle...........a palm tree seed on the top, a piece of driftwood for the drawbridge.......too cute.

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