I can't believe I managed to get all my supplies and the few pieces of furniture left from the shop all nicely tucked away out of site. When I moved into this apartment a year and a half ago I couldn't imagine what I would do with all the closet space.....problem solved.
I've got a full week ahead of me......tomorrow I'll be painting multi-patterned hippos in a laundry room. The rest of the week I'll be trying to finish up the mural for the building and I've got two pet portraits to do...a rooster and a lab.
I spent hours online yesterday trying to find a new cell phone and a new plan that wouldn't put an additional strain on my now worsening financial situation. I've been 'sort of' fortunate that in the last few months I had qualified for a free cell phone program called Assurance Wireless. They send you a phone and give you 250 free minutes, but you can also purchase more if you need them. I do still qualify (obviously) but I've always had to purchase extra minutes, and the phone that they give you to use is very low quality....constantly dropping calls, very poor reception, not good for business, I needed a change.
So finding a phone wasn't a problem, with everyone offering free phones or reduced priced phones if you sign up for their plan, but I didn't want that commitment to a contract. So I finally settled on Net10's month to month no contract plan that came package with an LG smart phone for $29. They seem to offer the most bang for your buck with unlimited talk, text/picture messaging, web/email and 411 for $50 a month, and the phone has camera/video, bluetooth, web access, etc....all the bells and whistles I would ever need. They have less expensive plans......$25 for 750 minutes is probably the next best deal they offer, so if the 50 becomes too much of a strain I can drop it down. I'll have to watch my minutes and see if 750 would work.
Today I'm relaxing and making hippo templates. Tuesday I'll start back on the has to take priority, its sitting in my living room.

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