I've been doing work for Sherry off and on for several years now. I first met her when she was with an interior decorating company, now she's out on her own. I got an email the other day....she and hubby just moved into a new home and wanted some things done. Project number one, to transfer some hippo designs from a rug to her laundry room walls.
This one was not on the rug, but in Sherry's mind (as was the purple one with the lips and pearls :-)...........
I love Sherry's sense of whimsy. This folks is a gorgeous, very upscale home, not a home you'd expect to see hippos painted on the walls. But that's what I like about Sherry's design sense, she takes the pretentious right out from under you.
Project number two, repaint some corn hole boards that are going up to their Tennessee home. Remember this job I did? This was done in their Tennessee home, its the powder room. The bucket inside the door is actually the sink!
OK...I confess, I had to ask, what the hell are corn hole boards??? Once explained I guess I did know what they were, I just never knew what they were called. There are two of them and she wants a cow with its mouth opened (the hole) on one, and the backside of a cow on the other. I'm guessing you can imagine where she's going with that
Project number three is to do some large random foliage designs on these two walls of the outside patio.
And finally project four, and the one I look most forward to doing, is to create two large paintings that will go in two spaces that are already framed out in the living room. Large as in 7' tall by 5' wide. I'll be using colors that match a fabric she'll be using, and it will involve animals and whimsy (of course :-).

Today I'm going to try and get a pet portrait done that was ordered a few weeks ago, they've been patiently waiting....the exterior mural project will have to go on hold for a few days. The corn hole boards also need to be done this week.
I'm also going to the Ford dealership this morning to see about trading my truck in for something of equal(or lesser lol) value. This is going to be tricky I know, but I just don't have the money necessary to fix the problems that my truck now has and will have in the near future. I spent some time on the online Kelly Blue Book site and printed out some information to take with me.
This is my 2002 Ford Ranger that I bought from them in 2004......
She still looks pretty good, a few minor scuffs and a couple of spots where the paint is chipping around the top edge of the bed (from ladders I suspect) but all in all not bad. Its her parts that are starting to wear out, the rods and bearings, soon the brake pads and shocks, etc. KBB says a fair trade in for 'good' condition is $3,325 and in 'fair' condition $2,800.
OK, so I go online to the Ford dealerships site and look for used cars. The only car that pops up as being worth about the same as my truck (actually less if I were using it for a trade in) is a Chevy Cavalier convertible.....BUT.....its a 1991, twenty years old and 121,000 miles!! But isn't she cute.....
KBB says her fair trade in value if in good condition is $1,475 and if fair $1,300. They have it priced for sale at $5,000, but their 'internet price' is $3,000.
I don't know. I keep thinking about my ex-husbands truck....we bought it around 1992 or 3 and it wasn't new then.....he's still driving it. We bought it at this same dealership (as was my truck).
I also keep thinking, they wouldn't put something out for sale that wasn't in good condition.....would they??
Well, I'll go in armed with my fact sheets and lots of questions and we'll see where this goes.

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