Lost my internet connection for a day+.
Its finally done and hung.......happy dance!
See that tiny window next to the mural? had been boarded up for years and still was when I decided to do this mural for the owners. The mural was originally going to be placed over that window and right up against the corner of the building where it could be seen by people driving up the street. One of the owners decided to finally restore the window which meant the mural would have to be moved further in and unfortunately it is now only visible when you are actually 'at' the building......otherwise, as you're driving up the street its nicely hidden behind the tree that is only going to grow larger. Maybe that's why I had such a hard time getting this finished, I knew it wasn't going to get the attention that I originally planned was very disappointing when I was already committed to the project.

I got a call Saturday from the Old Key Lime House restaurant. Seems the guys just can't keep themselves from keying the Bin Laden portraits that are in the mens room urinals. So I had to stop by yesterday and assess the damage. I had to post this quick video again of one of the girls I painted. I love how where ever you move she's still pointing at you.
I can't tell you how many times I've had to go in and restore these. Anyone know of some fabulous products to use that could stand up to these attacks?

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