Ok. After four hours at the Ford dealership, I am now the proud owner of a classic car......that's a nicer way of saying its an old car that's reached 20yrs. But we went out on two test drives, they did a second inspection for me and everything passed except for the AC which I'll have to get fixed. I've already gotten an estimate on that and its something I can handle. Other than was a honest to goodness trade...not a penny out of pocket. I didn't even know you could do that at dealerships. Of course they got the better deal because they have mechanics who can fix the problems that the truck already has and address the problems that were border line and going to be an issue soon, and then she'll be at least a 6 or $7000 truck on their lot. I just couldn't afford to have had that work done.
This car feels really good, has a strong engine (more power than the truck had), good tires, passed inspection etc and I feel a lot more comfortable on the road now. And did I mention its a convertible :-) and she's a classic :-)

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