Contact: Bin Laden back in shape, but not before I sat down and kicked over my rinse water container that yes, ran right down the floor to where I was sitting! Can I tell you how happy I was to have had my hair dryer with me!!! I already felt yucky enough painting inside a urinal and sitting on the bathroom floor.......geesh! Today its funny, yesterday?.....not so much.
Annnnnnnnd!!........I finally finished the rooster portrait....yippee! I'll seal it and ship it out tomorrow.
After I finished Bin Laden I went over to an ocean front condo to talk about a mural. The client would like three 40"x 40" panels on this living room wall...
It would be an ocean scene. She would also like to have "the suggestion" of seashells painted around this mirror in her bathroom........
So I have these sketches to do. Oh.....and she wants a pet portrait done too :-)
Then this morning I went to look at a room for a little girl and this mom would like a scene that contains a castle. I remembered a sketch I had done a while ago for another client but never used, so I sent that off to her to get her feeling on it before I started doing a sketch for her. Her child's bed would be placed where that sofa is sketched so it would work really well.
Right now though I'm going to get started on an airplane portrait. My daughter in laws mom has asked me to do this for her as a gift to her husband, should be fun.
I'm hoping these other two jobs pan out, it'd be good to be busy again.

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