The last couple of days its like my brain has gone off on this trip to yesteryear. I've been googling for old friends, remembering things I hadn't thought of in years........I suspect its because of the 'big' b'day coming up in July, or maybe I just needed a break from painting, I don't know, but its weird, almost out of body.
Yesterday I stopped at a local thrift shop and found myself inexplicably drawn to a set of How-To-Do-It books from 1961......and I bought them?! Ok, they were only $.25 a piece so I didn't do that much damage by buying them.....and I also thought my son (who loves to create things) might enjoy looking at them. But really! day I'm trying to get rid of 'stuff' and the next I'm buying junk. I'll tell ya though looking through the books really brought home how fast things change.
Back then you would dare to learn to fix your own TV
Or learn to make a voice activated switch
Maybe turn your radio into a short wave receiver
Have a shop downtown? Have your business phone call you at home when the fire alarm goes off
But I think what really brings it home as to how far we've come might be this....
I mean really..........

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