Vanity can be a good thing

I want to be vain again. I used to be, not in a bad way (I don't think), but just enough to at least care about what I looked like. This is an old friend of mine from way back. She's the same age as me.......and that would be 60 my friends......and yes, the picture is recent. I start my power walking commitment tomorrow morning on the beach 6am sharp! I think the final straw was safety pinning my shirt closed this morning in lieu of just sewing the damn button back on and thinking that was OK. Well that, and I could stand to loose a good thirty lbs!
I've got a couple of projects in the works. There's the three panel ocean mural, the client has asked for some changes to the design and I'm just waiting for final approval on the changes. Meanwhile I've started on another pet portrait, these guys are the subjects, and they'll be going in a RV window.
The ocean mural client had also commissioned two pet portraits and I've finished one of those.....
and nearly the other.
Yesterday I was thinking about what sort of subjects I would like to start painting. I've been wanting to do some very large paintings like I used to do........
And while I was looking through a book on North American birds it hit me.....I felt a real connection to the pictures I was looking at, so there you will be birds.
Then, I was doubly inspired when I came across this etsy shop and saw these beautiful little bird paintings.
Aren't they gorgeous! They also have a blog here.

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