When I was young I would stop at a friends house after school even though I wasn't suppose to and I would tell myself 5 more minutes won't hurt, 5 more minutes won't hurt, 5 more minutes won't hurt, until 45 minutes or so would go by and I'd run home only to be punished (have I written this before?). I'm seeing a trend here.........once again I chose to paint birds instead of the screen......ok, there is no set deadline for the screen to be done ( I keep telling myself) but it is money I need to get that rent check in the mail. I think its cause there are two dogs in this screen painting thats putting me off it. Painting screens is tedious already, and animals are also a bit tedious to paint..........not to worry I'll get over it and get it done (I keep telling myself).
So here's what did get done today..............
What a happy bunch of birds :-)

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