Day 4

The client wonders if the heads are too small. Mind you......I did send a sketch for approval prior to start.....sigh. Rather than change them now, I'm hoping with the foliage that goes in front of them it will put them into proper perspective for the client.

I had emailed a sketch to the potential client up north last Thursday and hadn't heard anything so I emailed yesterday to try and get some feedback.
Those are just fun stickers I added to the sketch at This would be on a wall as you step off the elevator directing you to the cafe. Its meant to be a sidewalk cafe outside of a brownstone building (common in the area) with a green awning. The 'specials' sign would be painted with chalkboard paint.
The potential client did respond. The sketch is in the hands of his marketing people and he's waiting to hear back from them. In addition although the client likes it, it wasn't conveying the relaxing feel he was looking for. I tried for clarification and was asked to try an indoor bistro scene. I've asked if some pictures that better conveyed the feeling he was after could be emailed to me. I'd really like a better idea of what he wants before I tackle an indoor bistro sketch. I'll give it a day or two......see what the marketing team says.

This weekend I will be doing a giveaway via Lindsey's BetterAfter blog. The prize will be my tiny little Painted Bunting painting with easel.
I love Lindsey's blog, I check it out almost everyday to see the before and after photos sent in my her readers. I love her sense of humor too....a really fun read.

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