I received some photos in my email this morning that have triggered another walk down Memory Lane.
Photographer Roger Barone attended an interview/ book signing event at The Free Library of Philadelphia last night and snapped these photos. Check out his blog to see more.
The star of the show, Mr. Larry Magid.
Electric Factory Concert's Larry Magid along with his partner Alan Spivak are rock n roll legends. Together they dominated the concert scene, promoting and putting on some of the most memorable concerts in Philadelphia's history. And I was at a LOT of them. Back in the early/mid 70's I worked for these guys. My job was to coordinate the meals for the bands and their crew wherever the concerts were being held....The Spectrum, The Academy of Music, The Tower Theater, JFK Stadium......
And luckily for us, back then Roger was part of the change over crew at the Spectrum arena and was developing a love for photography. If you also want to take a trip down memory lane visit Roger's blog to see some fantastic behind the scenes photos of some of the biggest rock n roll legends in the world.
Larry's book is available in stores, but you can also get it on
(just copy My Soul's Been Psychedelicized into the search bar).

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