I've been struggling with this dog portrait ....pick it up, put it on it some more......put it down. I haven't quite figured out yet why some dogs are more challenging to paint than others. Maybe its the short haired dogs because more of their features are visible. Well, it should get finished up today.
And not too soon.....I just got a bank notice letting me know my account has $15 and change left in it. Guess that means no phone for month to month account expires tomorrow and that's not enough to buy more time.
Fortunately that should just be for a few days. I just finished four tiny paintings yesterday for a flamingo loving friend and there will be a check in the mail soon.
I can also get started on this painting....a hippo sitting in a cowhide chair. It'll be 22"x 32"h (and fun to do). This is the sketch.........
I'm stiiiiiiiiiill waiting for final approval on the large giraffe painting for this same client and also still waiting for the go ahead on the three ocean paintings for another client. Totally grateful for the work......I'd just like to be able to do it.......and get paid.
I started an exercise program three days ago, today will be day four. No longer having the shop.......sanding, painting, loading, unloading...pushing furniture around all day......I'm totally conscious of how much I just sit. All day long.....just sit and paint. Ok...we know I never have money so joining a gym is out of the question, so I went searching for anything online and found They have some videos that you can watch free or for a price you can get a monthly membership (about $10) or download some for a buck or two. Some are just a couple of minutes long, but if you look around you can find some that are longer.
I chose to download (for $1.99) a walking program by Leslie Sansone. Its a 45 minute program and is equivalent to walking 3 miles. Don't let that you do it in your home fool you......I sweat up a storm when I do this.
Here's a bit of one I'd love to learn how to do.

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