Screw ebay

Over the years I've listed and tried selling things (currently my bird paintings) on no avail. I admit I don't understand it at all. It seems to me you have to spend almost as much to hype and promote your item so people will even find/see the listing, as your item could be worth! I give up....I can't afford to keep listing things that are only 'viewed' by less than a handful of people.....auuuuuugh!

Let it go.........deep breath.

So here's the progress on the hippo painting. She's not quite finished but I thought I'd better check in with the client. I shared this with the client and got feedback that the gold background needs to be brighter and that the hippo looks angry (do you think my feelings are coming out in my work?) and not sexy enough, more attitude.
Sorry, I just have to laugh at myself trying to make a caricature of hippo look sexy....I'm sorry all you animals out there.
So its back at it today.

So...........does she look more sexy? To me she just looks indifferent/blank.
Sometimes its hard to believe I taught myself to paint by copying works by Monet, Degas........

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