Got to Philly around noon yesterday.....only got lost twice on the way here......once was in DC, I don't need to say more than that about that.
I heard from the new job again and learned that the previous employee has found a new home but there is a possibility that all of her things may not be moved by Friday, and although I was asked to come anyway (if I didn't mind) I needed to let them know that I wasn't comfortable with that.
Making a move like this is such a big deal for me. I admit to still having some fears about such a drastic change, I've been 'come and go as I please' and 'do as I wish' for a very long time. So being able to arrive there and create a space/home for myself right away is really important.......staying in another room until the space is clear feels very awkward. Living out of bags and boxes gets very old very quickly. And I don't like feeling homeless and disconnected or ungrounded..........on my, I am getting old lol.
So I'm waiting for a response to my request that I arrive after she has moved her things and hopefully that response will be that its done. Pushing doubts aside, I am anxious to get there and settled in so I can focus strictly on the job.
While I'm here in Philly I'm going to help my friend that I'm staying with start an Etsy shop :-) I'll post the address here when its up and running cause she has some pretty cool things she'll be selling.

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