Hopes Dashed

There will be no help from ..... disappointing but not surprising. Do you think there's an age where its too late to dream or start over? Where you lose that freshness or edginess? Where if you haven't made it by now you probably won't? And you just feel too beat up to keep trying?
Friends stop believing in you and try to steer you in a 'safe job' direction. You feel unheard, abandoned, invisible and defeated.
Sounds like I'm having a bad day.
Yesterday morning....all full of hope, and all it took to knock me down was a rejection from kickstarter and an email from someone who's known me for years and years telling me about a job being a live-in nanny/housekeeper in an 8 bedroom home........sorry?......what?
Talk about unheard! All I've been talking about the last couple of months is how I would never take a live-in position again....that I learned that I need my own place. I've never expressed interest in caring for children and my current job, thanks to going up and down three flights of stairs several times a day, has destroyed my knees and left me in daily discomfort.
Just venting...this too will pass.
I think I'll start working on some bird paintings again...

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