How Cool Would This Be?!

A couple of days ago I began searching for a live/work space to rent for when I leave this job. Even though I was only looking to rent I still stopped to look at this ad that popped up about a property for sale. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price $18,500, its a foreclosure. I've been trying to get condition information from the realtors its listed with but I'm not having much success......I made the mistake of being honest and told them I would not qualify for a conventional mortgage.....lousy credit score, bankrutpcy in 07 etc and they haven't answered my emails since, even though I've told them I would try to get funding to pay seems like an obtainable amount. My concern though is its condition because even at that price its been on the market since July of 2010....that's a long time considering its so cheap and appraised at $143,000. I do wish they would give me some information.
I've written a project proposal of what I'd like to do with this property and submitted it to for their consideration. I'm hoping they'll allow me to post the project on their site so I can try to get funding to purchase this property and set up a studio for classes. I'm waiting to hear from them as well. This is the property......
And it sits right next to a huge B&B.........
How perfect is this for a community art studio/gallery/shop?! It even has two apartments! With no mortgage and with rental income it would be so easy for this property to pay its own bills. Can you imagine?........just being able to focus on art 24/7 and not stressing about bills. I can't not try to get this property. And right next to a B&B for out of town students to stay while taking classes.....I love it!!
What information I did get from the realtor before I put my foot in my mouth, was that the property has been a successful antique store with about 50 vendors for several years. Its located in a quaint small town in NY state.
If I am rejected by kickstarter I will create my own campaign here using the same sort of format they use, meaning I will try to solicit funding through my blog and offer 'rewards' appropriate for the various amounts of the donations. I will also return all donations if I cannot get enough to buy this property......I will put a time limit on it too, just as they do. If you're not familiar with click the link to learn about them.......they help you get funding for creative projects.

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