Researching Possible Relocation Options

I ran some errands this morning, and right now I'm researching possible relocation sites. My intention is to settle somewhere closer to my son and his family.....but not in their backyard ;-) They're in Atlanta and I'm concentrating my search in So Carolina around the Charleston area. I'm looking for a small town outside of Charleston so I can have a similar situation like I had three years ago in Narberth/Philadelphia......I was very happy there, but now I want to be closer to family. It looks like the small town of Summerville may be a good candidate.
I'm still researching of course.
I want this to be a long and happy stay, and I do have until June to decide on my final destination.
I'm going to be doing some new paintings in the coming weeks and I'll be looking for selling opportunities online, and of course in the Charleston area shops.
And so....back to it.

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