Brightening Up My Mornings

Its been a quiet week with nothing new to write about really. I seem to have little interest in painting and I'm really beginning to believe its because of my situation. I'm not really a very social person, its one of the reasons I thought having all this solitude would be great for focusing/concentrating on painting.....I was so wrong. I'm realizing how important it is for me to be around others for inspiration and support. I literally feel like I'm wasting away here. Did I mention I'd be here until June? I let the owners know I'd be leaving and they asked if I could stay until June........every day I wonder if I'll make it til then.
On a brighter note I saw these charming little coffee mugs on an artist friends (Janet Nelson) blog, well actually I saw the design on a tile and saw on her site that there is a shop on CafePress where some things are being I went to take a look and was so happy to see the mugs with this floral pattern on them.
Janet says, "Last spring, I had several members of my church draw some flowers in a sketch book. I then colored and arranged them in photoshop. Thought that they would look nice decorating this coaster tile." And I'm glad she thought to add the mugs to the mix. I ordered two (and so can you :-) They should help brighten up my mornings. I mean pa-leeze.....look at the face on that little purple can you not smile!

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