My First Tablet

I caved. As hard as I am trying to save for my next move, I decided to treat myself to my first tablet. My fingers are crossed cause I still did not want to part with a lot of money. As much as I'd love a new iPad I opted for a way more affordable (never heard of this brand) Maylong Mobility tablet via Walmart @ $148.99 +tx. It got mixed reviews online, but every one I read about got mixed reviews.
There have been several times that I've wished I still had my little apple laptop, the one that went traveling with me when I had Gladys....remember Gladys?.......
But I digress.......there has also been many times that I wish I had a 'portable internet' on this job. I'd be down on the first floor doing whatever and suddenly need to find some information which meant climbing up three flights of stairs to my computer......I'm telling you, this job has killed my legs! And being new to this area there have been more than a few occasions I could have used some help from mapquest while out and about!
So we'll see how this works. I'll post a review about it next week, it'll be here Monday.

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