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Working on my website I decided to add a pricing page (again) so I started a google search for other artists pricing pages to see how much information others were willing to provide. Its always a hot topic on artist forums, some prefer to put it all on the table and others think that's the kiss of death. I prefer the all on the table option but confess I have allowed myself to be influenced by better known artists who do not think its a good idea to post pricing information in detail. I'm a pretty open and honest person, not one to put on airs, and I have no problem explaining the process and expenses involved in putting a successful project together to potential clients.
I was totally delighted to land on Maria Brophys website via an article she wrote about mural pricing. The information she shared on pricing was not really new to me, but her upfront attitude was. She was open and honest and I could relate, I wanted to know more.
Maria says that her expertise lies in licensing, marketing, and promoting art. Her Husband is artist Drew style painting.
This sort of thing.........
And he uses paint pens for goodness sake!......
Besides the many articles Maria has written to help artists (that I'm leaving here to go back and read) they also produce some very cool videos . Maria does offer consulting services to artists (for a fee) and of course there's a page for helpful stuff to shop for.
I found both Maria and Drew very refreshing....... open and honest and excited about life......its just what I needed to stumble on today.

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