Good News/Bad News

Challenges do seem to get thrown in my path. Yesterday I took my car to the mechanic I was referred to and was told there is so much oil on the bottom of the car they weren't able to quickly identify the leak. So for an additional cost I need to bring it back to them on Friday and leave it so they can clean it and track down the leak(s). This doesn't sound good.
So we have another good news-bad news situation. Good news, I have two more paychecks coming before I leave here and can pay for this. Bad news is, I only have two more paychecks coming before I leave here, and this could potentially wipe me out financially. I was wondering to a friend the other day if I weren't some evil, rich, stingy person in a previous life and am now paying the consequences for it in this one. focusing on good stuff, the potential for work in Philly is looking promising. I've got two families possibly interested in part time domestic help and a couple of people that I may be able to do artwork (painted furniture) for from time to time.
Notice I haven't posted a progress picture of the child's portrait I'm working on, and that's because it's not going well at all. Not a surprise, I knew it was going to be difficult because I haven't painted for a while, and my skills do suffer when not exercised. Maybe by the end of today I'll have something to show.
Tomorrow a road trip. I'm taking some of my things down to Philly so I can avoid shipping costs, and so when the owners here return and its time for me to leave I only have to pack the car lightly, drive off, and not return. I'm so looking forward to that day.

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