Potential Sleeping Options When There's No Bedroom

Excellent car repair cost was a fraction of what its estimate was so that pressure is off.
Still, with no definite arrangements for work I need to be careful in planning this move and setting up a home.
This past Wednesday I took most of my belongings down to a friends house in Philly so all I'll have to take with me when I leave this position are a few clothes, my paints/supplies, computer and printer, and toiletries.....a very light load.
I mentioned trying to furnish my new place using Craigslist's free section (with the exception of a bed) but I've also remembered the way I had furnished a spare room in a previous apartment when I was preparing for a party and had no where for guests to sit comfortably. I wish I hadn't pack all my photos away.....the room actually looked pretty cool. These are what I used, different versions but you get the idea........and don't laugh! One of my guest actually sat down and didn't even realize it was an inflatable chair!

I'm thinking the way I move around from place to place it might be an idea worth revisiting. For about $140 I can have a love seat, chair, and two beds to go!
Inflatable furniture wasn't quite as stylish as this little sofa when I was looking years ago........
How cute is that.
I also saw this online and I really like the idea of it, especially living in a studio apartment, but not for $700 and that's an on sale discount price!

Now that I think about it, I remember having a version of this a while back. I found it in a thrift shop for about $20 or $30 dollars. That thing was heavy! This newer model looks like it would be much lighter.
Another cool option but out of the question at $2300. at Crate & Barrel

Then of course starting at around $400 there's the traditional sleeper sofa. This is from Jennifer convertibles and starts at $500.......

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