More Inspiration From Craigslist

I saw this armoire today on Craigslist. Wouldn't it be cool to convert this into a murphy bed?
Of course I'm not able to purchase this one....listed at just $100 by the way.....because I'm here and its in Philly, but I think this may be the direction I take in solving the sleeping issue in my soon to be new studio apartment home. There's no way I could afford a new murphy bed, so time to be creative. I think it'd be great fun to do a project like this.
My employers arrived last night back from their island home for 2.5 weeks, and we're all getting along just fine. They have a couple from the mid-west coming in two weeks for a weekend stay........they will potentially be my replacement here. I think its a great idea for the owners to hire a couple for this position, because it can be very lonely in this big house in the woods. Well, I'll look forward to meeting them. I'm getting very excited about moving on :-)
I just found the website of a shop in Narberth (where I'm moving to) that I knew existed but I never visited when I lived there before....Sweet Mabel.
After checking out their site I think its definitely a stop I need to make when I get there. It might be a possible place to sell some of my work or maybe even take some classes.

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