Not A Country Girl

My nice leisurely walk up the driveway to fetch the mail was assaulted by the site of this, to your left up in the tree....
Don't think I'd ever make it as a country girl. Why do the deer need human assistance in thinning the herd, wouldn't that eventually happen on its own....only the fittest survive? Even if not, I don't appreciate having to pass by the killing stage every time I leave the property. How the hell long does deer season last anyway? Anybody know?
How they lure them in, those are piles of corn someone set up this morning. I actually went out to scoop it up but figured if the owner has given them permission to do this (I'm waiting to find out) well......lets just say I don't want a pissed off man with a rifle ringing my doorbell.
And I'm guessing this is some sort of light?..........
And here's the result, a trail of deer fur as the carcass is dragged away.......
I've gotten so far away from art.

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