Searching For Studio Sleeping Solutions

Taking a break from portrait painting today and back online looking for affordable furnishings for the apartment I'll be moving into.
I'm still stuck on finding a comfortable out of sight sleeping solution. I was looking into murphy beds but can't afford a store bought one, a DIY project would be necessary if I choose that option. There is a murphy bed mechanism that you can buy to build your own, but even that is more than I want to spend when you add in the wood/supplies you'd need in addition......well, it adds up. The mechanism is just under $300.
Then I saw this diy design...........
This design uses hinges to attach the bed to the frame....a lot cheaper. I'm not in love with the bed resting on the floor so with a few tweaks to the design it could be raised up. The directions are here.
Then ah-ha! I found another one of those ottoman beds that I thought was so cool, and for a lot less money.
This one can be had for a mere $199.00...but then the cover is an additional $29.99. I found this one here . I think its best for kids or really thin adults, its only 29" wide.....there's a video on the website.
Then if I want to get really crafty, how about a bed made out of cardboard? Check out some designs here. Wonder if they could be turned into a murphy bed?

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