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Well, that's disturbing. I just got a call from a company that the owners here gave permission to, to come out and shoot deer.....its their way of controlling the dare those deer eat their plants or step in front of their speeding cars........geesh, some things I just don't're in my way, pop, now you're not.
I wondered why I saw corn kernels in the driveway the other day, they've been baiting the area to attract the deer, how cunning. They're doing this later today......think I'll go out and make some noise before they get here.

I've started my online job search after realizing I'm not going to make it here til way.....I need to move on. I'm looking at all kinds of options. Yesterday I saw an ad for house sitting in a town quite close to where I was living before I got here. They need someone from April to July and I perfect! If I could get that opportunity I'd have a place to stay for free while I lined up work and looked for a place to live. If I rented a place right away after leaving here that would take care of any money that I'd saved and I'd be forced to find work immediately......this would just buy me a little more time and a little less stress. I'm not very good at finding the flaws in my plans (obviously), so any feedback will be I have to say that visiting these house sitting sites made me wonder why more people don't do this, there were opportunities all over the globe. Look at this ad: .....
Sitter Wanted Europe - France sitter wanted. Area: Burgundy France
Dates available: All year round
  • Rural charm estate in Burgundy, Chablis area
    available for retired people all year round, free of charges, dogs lovers

Contact e-mail:
Contact Didier & Fran├žoise Telephone: 00 33 629 93 19 30
How cool would that be? And another site:
Update on the tablet....I did discover that the Netflix app was just plain defective so I removed it. I also discovered that the occasional freezing up of the gyro was my fault, I inadvertently touched a spot that turned the effect on or off. I tried Youtube again and still had no problem watching videos. I downloaded Skype with no problems (all downloads seem to be really fast) but have not tested it yet with a call. There are other things I still need to try out but all and all I think for me its a keeper.

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