Breaking The News and Securing A New Home

Yeah! I secured the apartment with a months rent. I did this after having a promising conversation with someone I knew years ago and just out of curiosity had recently tracked down. She now has an upscale consignment shop and I emailed her to see if they would be interested in carrying some painted furniture. She shared my website with her partner, she loved it and they asked to meet with me. I'm driving down to Philly next week to see them and talk about the possibilities.
I also rejoined I've had mixed results with them, but listing with them got me the work at The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. I was actually contacted by them the very day I had joined. I need to do everything I can think of to increase the chances for work.
My employer here wrote me yesterday and was very understanding about my leaving. They'll be returning here Feb 24th for 2.5 weeks and she just asked that I stay to help out until mid March.....or rather she said no later than mid March so I could actually leave earlier. I had sent her some addresses to websites that I thought might help her in her search for a replacement, she was grateful and has already begun her search.

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