A Day Off and Considering Options

I finally have some time off since my employers arrived for their 2.5 week stay here two weeks ago. A couple flew in yesterday for sort of a weekend interview, they are my potential replacements here and are being put to the test right that's a day and a half off for me :-)...they leave tomorrow. And the employers leave Thursday, back to their island home.
Things are looking rather good for my move. I received an email from a lady I had talked to in Oct/Nov. She had contacted me about working for her family doing pretty much what I do here only part time, but the timing just didn't work out. The position is open again and I hope to secure it. Its only three days a week and enough pay to take care of my living expenses.
Then I received another email from a Jersey gal wanting to possibly partner up. She lost her job a year ago and has been thrifting, refurbishing, and reselling items on etsy and ebay ever since. She'd like me to do decorative work on pieces that she finds and preps. Of course that's something I plan to do myself too, but there's something very attractive about someone else doing the prep work :-) .....I let her know I'll speak to her once I'm settled back in Philly.
Things are looking good.

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