Finalizing Projects

I've finished any projects I wanted to complete on this job. My final little project was getting the tight laundry area cleaned up. I spray painted the dryer yesterday, it had some sort of faux finish and floral design hand painted on it....not a pretty sight, it looked like it was found at a junk shop. And the reserve frig/freezer stands right up against a wall to the left and the handles were originally on that side next to the wall making getting in and out of it really awkward, so I reversed the way the doors open......much better. Sometimes its just the small things that make a big difference.
Right now all I'm doing is continuously cleaning up after workmen in this house.....not sure I should bother because the work will continue after I'm gone. I'll be leaving here Sunday early morning for my new home in Narberth. I'm excited to reclaim my independence and my privacy and to be back in familiar territory with old friends. I can't wait to hit the thrift shops and start setting up a comfortable home. And I'm so excited about some art opportunities that I'm going to explore. Four more days and counting!
The tulips are up now......

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