Creating Ads on Picnik

Today I'm spending a bit of time putting together some simple display ads for posting on Craigslist.
And if you'd like to do the same and don't have photoshop (I don't)..... hurry and I mean hurry over to upload some photos and start playing, its all free! Picnik is shutting down in April and they're allowing anyone to use the site for free until then, even all the 'premium' features they use to charge to access.
Of course you can create photo collages and stuff for any purpose, it doesn't have to be to post on Craigslist. But if you do want to use them for that, next go to Photobucket and upload your creation there. Once you've done that each upload will have four codes listed under them in your 'library'. Click on the HTML code for the image and copy it, then paste it into the text box for the Craigslist ad. After you click on 'continue' at the bottom of the Craigslist page you'll see your image in the box.....easy peasy.
Another note.......the HTML code is written to send anyone who clicks on your image back to your Photobucket album, personally I don't like that so I delete the first part of the code, the part starting with the first left pointing arrow symbol and ending with the first right pointing arrow symbol. Or.......instead of deleting that first section look for the photobucket address between the two quotation marks and simply replace it with your website address and thats where people will be sent when they click on the image.

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