Trying To Get Organized

Anyone else?........I find it very hard to focus when I'm surrounded by disorganized clutter. And as true as that is, it was also a good excuse to run out and finally purchase this piece I've been watching on Craigslist for weeks. I just couldn't stop thinking about, I knew it would be a great candidate for a makeover and resale....and two, it would perfectly house the remaining bits of clutter piled in the corner of my main room. Now my hope is that I get enough work for the remainder of the month to get my rent together! Looks like its going to be a ramen noodle month.
Ok, she's a bit beat up, but oh the possibilities........which actually are going to have to wait, not a dime left for paint and materials.I love multi-functional furniture....this top drawer is a desk.

And here it is cleaned up as best I can for now and pressed into more clutter on the floor :-)
Oh! And look what I got for five bucks...........
Remember when I traded my truck for a car?.......a convertible car? Well I'm missing that truck every day. Hauling furniture around in and on a convertible is a true test of skill and determination. I mentioned to the guy I bought this from that I was going to have to take it in two trips and that I needed to buy a hand truck because I couldn't afford to keep paying young men (cute as they are to watch ;-) to carry things up to my second floor apartment.......and taa-daa......he sold me his old hand truck for $5. The wheels are a bit wobbly so I need to take a good look at them and see if I can't fix em or replace them. It got me up the stairs leading to the apartment building and up one flight of stairs inside, but then I decided it was easier to lay the thing on its back and drag it up the other two flights (the inside stairs had a lip that kept catching the wheels). But how cool was that, a five dollar hand truck!
Hopefully I can tag it and store it in the basement of this building.
So my next organizational challenge.......the closet. This is the only closet in the entire apartment. And again, it requires a no cost solution.
I discovered some wasted space inside the closet........
There use to be shelves in there, and on both sides. So what do I have?...........left over plywood from the bed project!
And I have a jigsaw. shelves it is!

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