Finding Inspiration Online-Creating a Sleeping Nook

How long does it take to get over sleeping on an air mattress?........ about this long. Today I decided I HAD to find a way to tuck a bed in here somewhere.....anywhere! I spent all day yesterday online looking for clever ideas......correction, clever cheap ideas.
I saw this inexpensive wall bed on a DIY site and got an idea.
It looked simple enough to construct, but could it be even simpler? Yep. See this barely used space in the tiny hallway that leads to the bathroom..........perfect!
A quick trip to Home Depot for a bit of plywood and some 1"x 2"s, some hinges...............
I didn't want the bed to be on the floor like in the pictured wall bed so I attached the 1" x 2"s up 20". I put part of the shelf I removed in place. I had the 1x2's come out to the front edge of the alcove so they would give support to the plywood when its laying open.

I brought in two of my hand made stools to help hold up the plywood while I attached the hinges to the shelf and the plywood.
I'm thinking maybe I'll just use them to lower the bed onto, its good support. I'll decide later whether to just leave as is or add something for legs. Next I need to find a good place to buy foam rubber for the mattress...that's going to be pricey, but so far I've only invested about $35 :-) Now to pretty things up.
Well this will do for now....hey.....its a NEW drop cloth :-) I'll give it a good washing to loosen it up and get a cool basket for the top.
Great! Just found some well priced foam rubber online... 4" thick for $67 and change with free shipping! I called a local shop on fabric row in Philly and it was $110. For a $40 savings I can wait a few days for it to arrive.

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