The Details Count and Wrestling With Modern Technology

I am having to make adjustments to the pet portrait.......needed to be darker and no red ball (done)..
And I have to remove the tag on his chest and add foliage on the left.

I have to laugh....I had such high hopes before moving, seemed there were so many options and the near certainty of a steady job. None of that is true today and to add to the stress the Net 10 wireless website is on the blink and won't take my ccard to buy more minutes, my airtime due to run out tomorrow. So I called to buy the airtime over the phone, just before finishing up with the service person the phone went dead. Now it says I'm out of I can't call for the minutes and I can't buy them online.....and they shut me down a day early.........damn!
I did do another silly/fun sketch today. Same model, different setting.

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