More Work On The Bed Design

I'm not sure about this new blog design....why do some pictures center and others don't?

Its a cloudy rainy day today, no money to spend, no where to go.  So I decided to do a re-do on the plywood that holds my bed.  And notice below I finally got rid of the clothes rod and moved the shelf down.  I still have some patching and painting to do where I removed the old shelves.....need to find a ladder first.  Oh and I brought the bed forward to the edge of the alcove, it looks more like it belongs there now.

I used brown, black and white all on my brush at the same time and just quickly covered the board.


Then I mixed up a dirty light blue color, put that over it and used a graining tool to get a distressed look. A little trompe l'oeil ...........perfect.

Once I can afford to get some great baskets for on top and below I think that area will look really nice.

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