Sleeping Nook Update

Sleeping nook update. I went downstairs this morning and saw that my foam mattress had arrived already, with free shipping I wasn't looking for it until next week. Its early arrival was quite timely as I woke up this morning needing to fight my way out of a nearly deflated air mattress! It will be my most favorite thing to throw away.
When I first spotted the foam in the hallway I was a little skeptical, it didn't seem like a very large package for 4" thick foam.
But once unwrapped it puffed up proudly.
I went over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a mattress cover and found this perfect size storage unit to put against the side wall when the bed is up.........and pulling it forward a bit it will nicely support the bed when it is down....PERFECT!
At last a good nights sleep :-)

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