Hope and Happiness

Well I realized this morning that I feel happy. That probably sounds strange but its been a long time since I've been able to say that. I'm all settled in at the new apartment in Philly/Narberth (not having much has its benefits sometimes:-) and I'm thrilled to be back, it feels like home.
Last night I met with a woman that I've been communicating with over the last couple of months about a job working at her home and it went very well, although I still need to meet her husband before final approval. The job would be three days a week and involve doing their shopping and errands, doing bits of laundry, and cooking for cleaning, no serving......its perfect, and she's delightful. I will be learning all about Jewish cooking and traditions. It was fascinating doing a walk through of the kitchen and hearing about the kosher lifestyle. The job wouldn't start for another two weeks so I have this time to finish up some painting projects......that child's portrait for one! So better get to it.

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