Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open

I'm getting my first iphone.  I had a very frustrating couple of days trying to get my Net10 cell phone reactivated.  I spent literally hours on the phone talking to India and it was finally decided that the sim card that was sent to me was not able to pick up the signal where I am, so they were going to send me yet another one and assign me yet a third new phone number in the past three weeks!  I couldn't take it anymore, so I started looking online at prices and phones with different carriers.  When I saw there were free iphone 3GS's available with AT&T I knew this was probably my only opportunity to ever own an iphone......not the newest/latest one but that's fine with me.  Giving up the cheaper Net10 monthly rate is going to sting a bit, but the good news is I qualified for food stamps so hopefully I'll be able to pay the higher monthly phone bill.
I interviewed for a second cleaning job yesterday but haven't heard anything yet.  It would be a good job to get, its only a couple of blocks away and the home is very tidy and will be easy to work in.......nice young family too.  I've given up the hope of finding a separate place to work on furniture that I can afford right now so I'm going to focus on pieces that are light weight and easy for me to get in and out of my apartment.  I'm starting with this piece.......
So far I've only gotten it primed, I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  I can see it painted in a french-y gray/blue and distressed but I don't want to limit its salability so it will probably end up just white maybe with some artwork on the front, an oval with a bucolic scene?......not sure.  I'd love to get a lot of pieces together and rent that store front for a weekend that I mentioned in a previous post, but that could take time with no spare money to spend.  There are two consignment shops around the corner from me, I could try selling things that way.

I looked at a potential job yesterday.....just a small job painting a large frog in a nursery to match the crib linens.  I haven't given her a price yet, I'm going to do a couple of sketches with different options to see if I can't make the job a bit more profitable.   And a couple phoned me this morning wondering how much it would cost to just do the outline of a garden scene on their garage wall.......then they would paint it in.  I decided to just tell them my hourly rate for that job and they're thinking about it.  I'm happy that at least I'm getting calls for art work coming in.....sure glad I learned that with a Skype phone number anyone using any regular phone can call me through my computer.

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