Would You Like To Learn To Make These Wood Pieces?

Well....she's finally finished and I can start on the second one.
I like the little peeks of ocean in the background, I think it adds an airy feeling and adds more depth.
So aside from this second hippo painting that needs to get done, there are no more art projects scheduled.  So this afternoon I have an appointment to look at another house that needs regular cleaning help.  That will make four days a week that I'll be doing domestic work to secure an income.  It does make me sad that I'm having to do this sort of work again, but not having to stress about money is a good pay off and I've been lucky to find clients willing to pay the $20/hr I charge.
I'm thinking about putting together instructions on how to make the sturdy little stools that I make and offering those instructions for download for a buck or two....

And maybe these small side tables too............Any thoughts?

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