Communication Is So Important

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I responded to an ad on Craigslist regarding hanging artwork in a veterinary facility.  I did get a positive response saying 'he' loved my work and would like to work with me.  A few days go by and I hear nothing else about this. Yesterday finally a reply after sending an email to him simply saying 'Hello?'  He again stated that he'd like to have my work there, told me the hours he would be there and what should we do next?  I wrote back and told him that a good place to start would be to tell me who he was and where this would be.  He neglected to tell me the name and location of this facility or his connection to it.  Googling his name I did find a possible connection to a company called My Veterinary Career, a sort of marketing service for veterinary businesses.  I'll just wait to hear back.
Today I'll be working on my newest canvas........
This belongs to one of my cleaning clients.  They're going away for a couple of weeks and are giving me alternative work to do so that I'll continue to be paid while they're gone.  They purchased this many years ago in Mexico and over the years the paint just disintegrated.  So far we're just trying to work out a design for this and we seem to have settled on an Asian sort of feel.  I found some beautiful photos of a lily pond and they are partial to Koi fish and birds, so I have a pretty good visual in my head on what I want to do, I just need to get it on paper for them and I'll do that today after my early morning (7:30-9:30) cleaning job.

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