No Mural Job Too Small

I spent yesterday doing a quick small mural job painting an image off of a crib blanket.

And when I finished that I stopped at a potential job to check it out.......about 40' of exterior wall.

This one is going to be a challenge.  The homeowner only had one thought as to what to do with it and that was an ocean and dolphins.  His home seems to be the 'go to' house in the neighborhood for kids, there were about a half dozen playing in the yard when I arrived, and you can't blame them, there were plenty of toys and a pool to keep them occupied.  The owner also did not have a budget in mind so I'll be trying to come up with a few options for him to choose from.
I am so happy that painting jobs are trickling in.....I'll be getting a phone call Tuesday afternoon from a new grandmom to be to discuss a mural for the grandchild's bedroom.  They'll be finding out on Tuesday the sex of the baby.
Oh, and I also got that second cleaning job just three blocks away so now I'm working 3 half days a week, it really helps to take the pressure off.......not to mention getting me back in shape :-)
And here's how the first of the two hippo paintings is going.  I originally had the 'garden' to the right set back further but it left too much dead space in the painting so I'm in the process of moving that forward.....actually now that I look at it I may bring both sides a bit more forward.  I still don't like all that empty space...I could have made the chair and her a little larger I think.
And of course I've more to do on her and the pool. This is 18"x 24"
Since these paintings are to be a potential set I suggested moving Ms Hippo from the beach.......

to poolside as shown in the sketch for the 2nd painting.......and I thought the champagne bucket made more sense poolside rather than on the beach.
Well, back at it.  Have a great Sunday everyone.

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